English Index of Essay and Interviews


Medium reflection of women management in the national mass media

Nasrin Damirchi

This interview which accomplished with Dr. Azam Ravad Rad, is about family, the position of education, occupation and management, and moral characteristics of women from the viewpoint of TV series. This interview tries to prove that the illogical women would be problematic in relation with their logical husbands.


Life skills wings for flight

Fezze Khatami nia

This essay refers to the role of learning life skills for increasing women management. These skills can improve their relations with their husband and the way of training the children. Besides, learning the life skills gives women self-respect.


Men and Women management is different

Seyed Hasan Husseini

Women's childbirth, bringing up their children and taking care of adults damage their management and because of that men's management becomes acceptable in most of the organizations. In this essay, the writer brings up women's difficulties and advantages on their management condition.


Life management according to Fatemi's pattern

Amene Entesari

This essay refers to Hazrat-e Zahra's valuable role in her blessed life. Reader can follow her life by coming to know the management of couples emotional relation, children physical and spiritual training, etc.


Make ourselves the followers of Hazrat-e Zahra teachings

Farahnaz Karimi

This is the interview with Dr. Najme Vahid Dastjerdi, the Iranian lawyer in Texas. She has established the Moslem civil freedom union in America. She tries to administer justice of Moslem women.


Sistan and Balouchestan cloths, displaying of women's handicrafts

Masoume Mohammadi seif

This essay points to the variety of Iranian women's cloths. In this volume, it has proceeded to the cloths and jewels of women from Sistan and Blouchestan.


Schools intelligent medium, from dream to the truth

Vahid Haj Saeedi

This essay elaborates and criticizes this subject, and it emphasizes that using of technology is necessary for student persuasion.


Women's management under the glassy ceiling

Fateme Amu Abdollahi

This essay is about the problems on the way of women which cause them to surround in glassy ceilings and walls. The writer believes that men on the top situation of organizations, men and women differences in their managing method, etc. are the reason of such a problems.


I am a manager

Nafise Heidari

This report says that in addition to their taking care of husband and children and their housekeeping, most of the women could affect economical aspect in the family and society.


Women the eco-environmental manager

Pegah Amir Divani

Women are the most important managers for the environment. The writer in this essay explains this main role.


Many a little makes a mickle

Maryam Jahangashte

Saving is a case in  Islamic economy. In this essay readers will understand the necessity of saving in life and the right way of it.



Cashew, the delicious nuts

Sheida Foroughi

Cashew is bean-formed and overflowing with A & E vitamin, minerals such as copper, magnesium, phosphor, zinc, oil and protein. In this essay, moreover, you can find the way of making some cashew dessert.



Bring love and spring to your home by flower

Zohre Darbani

In this essay we will learn some of flowers ornament and how to decorate flowers to be smooth psychological.