English abstracts of Articles and Interviews


Financial Independence for Women and Family Strength

Amineh Entesari

The advantages and disadvantages of financial strength for women is studied in this article. Among the advantages, women’s self-confidence, financial support and the increase of their social awareness and insight is mentioned. Some offensive behaviors, such as wife’s reminders to her husband, luxury and overuse, her less presence at home and her fatigue from work that leads to the decline of their relationship, are of the disadvantages.


A Comparison: Common Life Virus

Fezzeh Khatami-nia

To compare each other to someone else in order to denounce or bold one’s shortages- whenever happened in life- could lead to negative consequences. This article explains this kind of comparison with the other’s mother, father and brother as well as the spouses’ comparison based on personal appearance. It also counts the negative consequences of such comparison.


It is Religious Examples’ Conduct to Respect the Spouses’ Dignity

Nasrin Damirchi

This is an interview with Dr. Zahra Osati, a hawzah lecturer and religious preacher. The interview is about the infallibles’ life and their treatment to their wives, men and women’s expectation from each other in their life, men’s responsibility for child education, and finally the way the Imams treated their children and the spare times they had.


Woman in Imam Ali (pbuh)’s Word

Tahereh Eftekhari

This article explores Imam Ali (pbuh)’s view of women. Women’s Jihad, women’s jealousy, life’s hardships, husband’s not being intrusive to their wives, and Imam Ali’s treatment to women are among the discussions dealt with here.


Married Employees: Cautions and Essentials

Mohammad Dehqani-zadeh

In this article, we examine if the employment of the married is an obstacle to life’s prosperity. The author gives some guidelines in order for the employment of women not to destroy this prosperity.


Women’s Costume of Guilan, the Sublime of Art and design

Masoumeh Mohammadi Seif

Guilani women are interested in color diversity due to the geographical diversity they live in; it has been effective on their clothing too. Different types of female costume is described in this article.


Fathers’ Roles in Child Education

Fatemeh Salehi Imeni

The uncompetitive role of father is highlighted in this article to conclude that he is not only a breadwinner but also a child educator. He is effective on the formation of the child’s personality. Even he can play a part through bringing halal food.


Are you a father?

Parandeh Afshari

This article deals with the role and duties of father in child education. A typical father may face some intellectual or behavioral problems early after his child birth. Here, different types of such thoughts and problems are explored and for each a solution is proposed.


Women enter Eden

Hadi Shakouri

This topic is on Ayatullah Motahhari’s viewpoints about women. He highlights the significant role women have played throughout history and concludes a spiritual consistency between men and women so that the only merit one may own over the other is obedience to God not gender.


How is your character?

Maryam Karandish

This article describes various characters first and states the spiritual traits of the individuals characterized by those characters next. Finally, a certain cause is detected for each character, which originate from certain childhood experiences and child-parent relationship.


What if lying gets a habit!

Maryam Jahangashteh

How a lire’s relatives, esp. his spouse, treat him is dealt with in this article. The author states reasons for the spouses’ mutual lying to each other and the consequences of this trait in their life.


Could husband and his wife work in the same office?

Pegah Amirdivani

That husband and his wife work in the same office would inevitably lead to certain problems. In this article, different aspects of the case have been examined: that husband is his wife’s boss or vice-versa or even that they are colleagues.


I’d like to play a part in Islam’s development

Farahnaz Karimi

In an interview with Ms. Fatima Sabour, a missionary in Huston, Texas, she talks on her activities and the way of her conversion. Her sole aim has been preaching Islam so that she could have familiarize thousands of people with Islam and Ahl-ul-Bait.


Some procedures for the healthy life

Yasaman Jamali

The author gives some proper instructions to live a healthy life, e.g. don’t go shopping when you’re hungry, have your meals in blue dishes, put fat and sugar away, order your meals as small as possible, and etc.