English abstracts of Articles and Interviews


Ramadhan in Imam Khomeini’s Terminology

Ahmad Heidari

The importance and virtue of the Holy Month of Ramadhan from Imam Khomeini’s perspective is overviewed here. Of the discussions are the etiquettes of entering Ramadhan, the signs of the accepted fast, the call to avoid carnal desires along which some noble sayings of him are mentioned.


A Lady of Occultation Era

Masoumeh Zarei

Melica is from the land of benevolence and proximity. The known Roman lady who gave birth to the promised Mahdi (p.b.u.h). You’d read the nice biography of the lady from the time of her marriage to Imam Hassan Al-‘Askari (p.b.u.h) to the birth of Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h).


A Time of Leisure

Zeinab Bakhshayesh

It’s an account of women who spend their free time outdoors, each one in a certain place. You’d be familiar with the women’s idea on how to spend their free times.


Pathology of the Students’ Spare Time

Qasem Mohammadi

Everybody needs spare times to be active enough, which leads to one of the following two results: either it makes one’s personality perfectly planned or it destroys it. In this article, the students’ essential needs as well as the role the Ministry of Education must play in this regard are explored.


The Times we are to Possess but we don’t

Zohreh Mehrnorouzi

The author tries to review how spare times are passed in his interview with a number of women, pointing out the difference between women now and them in the past. They mention the classes’ high tuition, their being boring, weak planning, and low governmental budget as some major problems.


Let’s Revive the Domestic and Traditional Games

Vahid Haj-Saeedi

The author classifies games into four groups: verbal, intellectual, dynamic, and virtual. First, he differentiates between the traditional games and computer ones; then, he tells why computer games have so much been extended; and finally, he necessitates the expansion of domestic and traditional games in public and in the schools. 


What if the Last Month of School Reaches?

Elham Rezaei

The last month of school is always full of anxiety; it seems all family members are engaged in exams. In this article, some problems are narrated from mothers and students, then some advices are given to reduce anxiety and finally some nutritional suggestions are given by the ministry of education’s experts.


A Muslim Woman Wants to Live

Farahnaz Karimi

This volume’s interview is with Ms. Safiyyah Abdulkhaleq, the manager of the Institute for Healthy Life for Women. She converted to Islam in 1978 and started her activities then. Among his activities are presenting Islamic articles, establishing workshops, teaching Classical Arabic at schools, teaching the Quran to Muslim women, and so on.


If You Have Obsession, Read it

Azam Abbasi

Most of us are involved in some worrying thoughts that have strong effect on our courage so that the resulted anxieties may lead to depression. This article reviews the experiences and the means of confronting these worries.


It’s time to change

Yasaman Jamali

The author tries to familiarize us here with the word “change” in life. As a stressful word, change could be full of defeat. Through an organized planning and a proper solution, we can adapt change in our life and organization. If you want to improve, you must welcome change to achieve the result


How June 5, 1963 Passed

Masoumeh Muhammadi Seif

The author explains how June 5, 1963 demonstrations took place. She explains the events from the arrest of Imam Khomeini to the savage massacres in Qom, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz and some other cities, that led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979.


Free Time as an Opportunity for Being Together

Nasrin Damirchi

This is an interview with Ms. Somayyeh Bolboli, researcher, writer, and Ph.D. in sociology. There would be Q&A on the importance of vacation, proper vacation, free time planning, the role of parents in their children’s free times, TV programs, and satellite programs and so on.


Let’s Grant Health to Our Daughters through Sport

Translated by Parandeh Afshari

This article explores the advantages of sport to girls, especially the students being prepared for university entrance exam. The sports beneficial to them is taught across the article.